1965 Pontiac GTO Has the Looks of the Original Muscle Car – $15k of Dupont Dark Blue Metallic Paint

As far as muscle cars go, Pontiac is, arguably, the one we should credit. Its 1964 GTO made muscle cars relevant and opened doors for other nameplates to reap the benefits, right from the early years of the segment and all the way until Pontiac was taken off the stage for good in 2010.

Yet people still remember the GTO, and some go to great lengths to make them relevant for the collectors of today. That means there is no shortage of such Pontiacs out there, catering to a wide variety of tastes and needs.

The unnamed people behind the build did not remake this GTO for show purposes alone. Unlike most other new custom projects that come to light with very few miles on the clock, this one was driven all the way to 17,000 miles (27,400 km), making it a true road car.

Sporting close to $15k of Dupont Dark Blue Metallic paint on its beautiful body, the GTO rocks under the hood an LS2 engine of unspecified power. The unit is tied to a 4-speed automatic transmission and a Hotchkis rear end and spins 17 and 18-inch chrome wheels.

The interior, also remade, sports re-done seats, the original ones, and a Dyna instrument cluster with functional gauges.

Source: www.autoevolution.com

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