Blown Alcohol ’70 Chevelle Shows Up – Undoubtedly The Crowd’s Favorite!

This surging monster appears in the parking lot at the ice cream cruise, and everybody stops what they are doing, conversations are put on hold, because this wicked blown alcohol Chevy Chevelle grabs your attention with a powerful force that refuses to let it go.

This old lady drinks only alcoholic juice all the time, and when she is drunk she is not even aware of the damage she is causing, she is insane and wild, and no one can stop her.

It is the same situation when someone is drunk but just here she has more power than the ordinary drinkers!

Not even the police officers are immune to the charms of this monstrosity even they show up to admire it, showing that even they can appreciate a proper muscle car !!

Watch the video below:

Source: Youtube/1320video

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