’66 Pontiac Lemans Gonzo Gasser 455ci Dual Quads Street Car! Takes On Modern GTO! RT66!

It all started in the late 50’s when people started stripping the excess weight off cars in order to make them lighter, along with jacking them up with the help of a beam axle or tubular axle in order to make sure the weight is distributed better to top the acceleration capabilities of the vehicle.

At the time these Gassers were the fastest thing that would show up to the dragstrip and they would dominate racing for years to come.

The one example that we are bringing you today is a 1966 Pontiac Lemans, named after the famous endurance race, and powered by a 455ci which is fed thru dual quads and it is about to race a very modern car in the form of a RT66 GTO.

Love them or hate them they are a real part of drag racing American muscle history, and they deserve respect, so play the video and enjoy.

Source: Youtube/victoryredcolorado

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