1969 Chevy Camaro Z/28 Barn Find – Sitting Since 1979!

This amazing ride has been concealed from the public eye since 1979, but it is now ready to return to the road in grand style.

If you look closely, you’ll notice Z/28 badges on either side of this magnificent vehicle, indicating the car’s long history and what it was most likely employed for. This incredible vehicle required a lot of speed because it had a powerful 302 ci V8 engine, which was a great option at the time. Unfortunately, that engine has been sitting on the ground next to the automobile since it was first stored in 1979. Because it has been parked for so long, the inside is in a torn-up state, with holes in the driver’s seat and dirt all throughout.

Despite being allowed to decay for decades, the outside of this car looks to be in good shape, as the stunning blue paint shines through the years of dust. The side pipes indicate that this vehicle used a side-exit exhaust system, which was popular at the time this vehicle was driven. Because all three storage places this car has been in were inside, the vinyl top is still very much intact. After 40 years of resting on and off, this automobile is now being prepared for restoration in the hopes of returning to the road.

Source: Youtube/Auto Archaeology

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