Cummins Diesel VS Tree: 4×4 Dodge SLT Truck Pull Out A Tree

Today we have a race between 4×4 Dodge SLT Cummins truck vs Tree, who do you think will win?

Trucks are mainly used for transportation, tow, landscaping, moving… but this time we present to you one funny action: a 4×4 SLT truck powered by a Cummins Diesel engine in one yard is trying to pull out a tree.

In the video it is clearly seen that the driver of the truck gives a total of 8 pulls in order to pull that three out of the ground, and the truck wins!

Now the tree is out together with the root carrying a lot of soil. This is an amazing action for a small suburban community. Luckily for the driver of the truck, the chain was strong enough and didn’t let the truck hit his neighbor’s house.

Look at the video and see it more.


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