1970 Plymouth Sport Satellite – 707HP Engine

The Hellcat V8 without a doubt is a wondrous engine that can improve just about any vehicle, whether is a muscle car or not.

That’s the thinking that goes behind dropping the 707-horsepower engine in a 1970 Plymouth Sport Satellite. Being sure everyone’s on the same page with what’s going on, the supercharger peeks out through a cutout in the hood.

A shop in Utah called Weaver Customs, was the mastermind behind this intriguing build.

Majority of people wouldn’t even begin to think of the Sport Satellite like a muscle machine, and that’s partly what makes this so fun. Dropping a Hellcat in a classic Dodge Challenger or Charger is expected and has been done plenty.

The fact that there isn’t plenty of people customizing Plymouth Sport Satellites, Weaver Customs had to fabricate a good many of the parts on this car. That made the build way more challenging, even though the final payoff is much sweeter.

The shop in fact had to fabricate the hood, front spoiler, rocker panels, and side ducts using metal. There’s a mesh grille painted black with two brushed ram air intakes next to the LED headlights, giving this restomod a modern vibe.

Weaver Customs for good measures decided to push the Hellcat V8 to the next level. Seems like the  707-hp is just a little too watered down. But with some tuning, it’s pushing about 900-hp. Sending that power to the Ford 9-inch rear axle is a six-speed transmission. A custom chassis complete with Scotts Hotrods front suspension and a four-link rear suspension helps provide the kind of torsional rigidity necessary to handle the punishment a tuned Hellcat dishes out. Wilwood disc brakes also help maintain performance balance.

Source: Youtube/AMSOIL INC. // motorious.com

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