“Rodzilla” – A 1928 Studebaker With Twin-Turbocharged Tank Engine

As the pictures above show we don’t have a standard chassis but it was actually sourced from a truck as the engine alone weighs a ton and delivers a massive 1400 HP.

This all needs some technical know-how of how it may all come together.

The builders reported a quarter-mile time of around 11 seconds. Probably you won’t want to take your mother grocery shopping in it. We suspect that the torque (1,800+ pound-feet of torque) really does the job of pulling the nine-tone monster.

When it starts going it’s quite a hard task to stop this monster.

The builders  developed a unique braking system to cope with the speed and weight of this spectacular hot rod.

The car itself does about 3.5 miles per gallon and also has covered around 15000+ miles until now without too many issues although if the power is applied too quickly the engine has been known to disintegrate transmissions and rear-axles.

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Sorce: Youtube/Yokohama Tire, throttlextreme.com

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