750HP 1971 Dodge Demon 440 V8 Built Just The Right Way

This 1971 Dodge Demon 440 Build Is All Business

With its race track prepped interior, immaculate appearance and bold V8 under the hood this 1971 Dodge Demon is a Mopar muscle car built just the right way.

Its Sublime Green paint job is nothing less than show stopping, the stance is perfect, factory style interior is equipped with full set of gauges, harness seat belts and cage and the powerplant is a built 440 cubic inch Mopar Performance big block V8 with forged internals capable of about 750 horsepower.

Check the shared video if you like to see this astonishing 1971 Dodge Demon test drive, and don’t forget to share your thoughts with us.

Source: Youtube/FSD [KaijuPT_105]

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